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The presidential election America’s best hope - The Economist Nov 5th 2016

기사 정보를 받아오는 중입니다...

(여기를 눌러 기사를 보러 갈 수 있습니다.)
  1. A quarter of Americans born since 1980 believe that democracy is a bad form of government, many more than did so 20 years ago. If the two main parties had set about designing a contest to feed the doubts of young voters, they could not have done better than this year’s presidential campaign. 이 두 문장을 해석해봅시다.

  2. His experience, temperament and character make him horribly unsuited to being the head of state of the nation that the rest of the democratic world looks to for leadership, the commander-in-chief of the world’s most powerful armed forces and the person who controls America’s nuclear deterrent. That alone would stop us from casting a vote, if we had one, for Mr Trump. 첫 번째 문장을 잘 읽어보고 두 번째 문장을 해석해봅시다.

  3. as it happens, affront, turpitude, fiddly(fiddle을 먼저 찾아보세요), increment, impeach, tawdry, sovereign default, smoke and mirrors, bamboozle, narcissism, spell(이 기사에서는 “철자”나 “주문”의 뜻이 아닙니다), Trump-o-Meter, take heart from, bipartisanship(이 기사에서는 이 단어가 problem-solving과 동의어입니다)의 정확한 의미를 사전에서 찾아봅시다.

  4. An inability to sound as if she is offering an overnight transformation is one of the things that makes her a bad campaigner. 이 문장을 해석해봅시다. 그리고 자신의 해석이 다음의 두 문장과 의미가 통하는지 생각해봅시다. Presidential nominees are now expected to inspire. Mrs Clinton would have been better-suited to the first half-century of presidential campaigns, when the candidates did not even give public speeches.

  5. In foreign policy, where the president’s power is greatest, Mrs Clinton would look out from the Resolute desk at a world that has inherited some of the risks of the cold war but not its stability. 이 문장을 해석해봅시다.

  6. 서구의 언론사는 우리나라의 언론사와는 달리 대선이나 총선에서 자신이 지지하는 후보자나 정당을 공개적으로 밝힙니다. The Economist 가 지지하는 미국 대선 후보는 누구인가요? 또 그 이유는 몇 가지이고 무엇일까요?

  7. 이 기사를 쓴 기자가 볼 때 Hilary Clinton의 약점이자 강점은 무엇일까요?